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Max Polyakov’s Firefly Aerospace Signs Agreement

Maxim Polyakov’s Firefly Aerospace Signs Agreement for Launch Services with SSTL

Max Polyakov’s Firefly has recently agreed to work with SSTL to launch one of its Alpha launch vehicles. According to Max Polyakov, the first launches are intended for 2019

Image credit: Firefly Aerospace‏ (Twitter)


Firefly Aerospace, a modern developer of launch vehicles, designed to reach orbit, has recently announced the signature of a launch services agreement (LSA) with Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, also called SSTL, to start using its launch vehicles.


According to Max Polyakov (Maxym Polyakov), co-founder of Firefly, the company is going to initiate six launches of its Alpha vehicle from 2020 to 2022. Alpha launches will now use SSTL satellites as the first payload, which are preferable over larger launch vehicles.


SSTL is the first to sign an LSA with Firefly. SSTL believes that Max Polyakov’s company will provide safe and convenient access to space for its customers. The company is also looking forward to future successful missions with Firefly Aerospace.


Max Polyakov, Firefly’s co-founder, also mentioned that the first Alpha program will start in 2019. Furthermore, the number of launches will increase each year, comprising 8 flights in 2020 and up to 18 launches in 2021. Firefly is now ready to open plenty of space opportunities to entrepreneurs, who have expressed interest in their own space launches.


What is SSTL?


SSTL is one of the world leaders in the sphere of small satellites and perform a wide range of space missions, including applications for scientific, navigation and Earth observation purposes. SSTL currently produces and operates a number of ground systems and satellites and has 500 employees. The company also offers training programs, consultations and studies for NASA, ESA and international companies.


What is Firefly Aerospace?


Firefly Aerospace, Max Polyakov’s company, develops orbital launch vehicles, overwhelmingly medium and small satellites. Firefly’s main launch vehicles are Alpha and Beta, that can hold 1 and 4 metric tons each. Both vehicles provide LEO solutions using modern technologies and up-to-date launch capabilities. Max Polyakov (Maxim Polyakov), mentions the company offers the most attractive cost per kilo option and will soon be able to provide frequent launches for both exploration and commercial missions. Therefore, Firefly remains one of the companies with the best potential to launch everything from LEO launches to Moon missions.


Firefly Aerospace is financed by Noosphere Ventures and has a number of offices in Cedar Park, TX, Tokyo, Japan, Washington, D.C. and Dnipro, and Ukraine.